Clac Finger
20 Boxes


Sku: 149664

If you have a weakness for firecrackers and jokes that explode and make a lot of noise , then you are in the right store, because we specialize in stuffing and catching : our  Clacs Fingers in a set of 20 Boxes will surely suit you. make an eye if you have the soul of an artificer ! 💥

Our inexpensive finger snaps will be ideal if you like humor and want to play a little joke on someone, for example: take a handful of finger snaps in your hand and slam them on the ground, you’ll be smashed to laugh when your target in front of you jumps with fearbecause of the banging noise and the detonation ! 🧨

Our finger snaps are perfect for certain festive days of the year, such as July 15 or August 15 , combined with fireworks , for the occasion it will be even funnier. But I don’t worry, because I’m sure that with your joking skills you will know how to use them with talent! 😜

Product Features :

  • Material: sulfur
  • Lot of 20 finger click boxes
  • Each box contains 25 finger snaps
  • Not recommended for children under 7 years old
  • Ideal for August 15 or July 14
  • Standard delivery FREE


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20 Boxes”

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