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Scratching Hair, Whooping Cushion, Stinky Ball and lots of other funny objects are waiting for you on our Prank and Catch shop! Free delivery

Do you have a problem with the prank mail? We will immediately resend a new package to you at our expense.

Finally, it can simply be a question of amazing objects such as the laughing box, the fart paste or the moo box but also funny disguises such as wigs, funny glasses, masks, etc …

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If you are a fan of bad taste jokes, then you have landed in humor paradise: you will inevitably find a humorous object or a funny gift that you like, little prankster! 👇

If you too love to trap people with electrical gadgets, then our articles below should greatly appeal to you: watch out for little prankster juice shots! 👇

In these difficult times, humor and good humor are at the center of our interests at Farce & Attrape®. True symbols of a united nation, the laughter and the joy that our joke and joke products will provide will allow you to put a smile on your neighbor’s face.

In this case you should take a look at these two humorous collections which are all the rage: I am obviously talking about fake poop and humorous key rings! 👇